We love working with DawahPosters. They offer awesome service and we will definitely refer this to friends and coworkers. We can’t wait for them to do another project again… Jazaaka’Allahu Khairan for everything!Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque
Islam Inside Events is always amazed by the posters produced by Dawah Posters.  We have used Dawah Posters for our projects and the service is as professional as the posters.  May Allaah Aza wa Jaal make it a cause of granting you Janaah.  Ameen.UK Islamic Events - Nassir Hussain
After having searched for a good graphic designer I came across Dawahposters…all I can say is good service…quick turnaround…value for money and above all why would I go anywhere else.AIP-Development - Rimiz Ibrahim
Quality work, quality service, excellent price, what more can you ask for?Peace Vision
We needed to make a promotional leaflet and had been trying to make one ourselves. We weren’t happy with what we produced so we turned to dawahposters for help. We were really impressed with the speed at whihch they were able to meet our needs and the high standard of their work. All edits were implemented promptly and without complaint. We will without a doubt be back to do business with them insha’Allah.Legion Fitness Education Centre
We will be using DAWAH POSTERS from now on InshaAllah – Fast and such good quality posters. Very impressed. We’ll be spreading the word… MashaAllah.LIC SISTERS PROJECT - Sister Sebnem
I was looking for classy, professional poster to launch our new charity and alhumduliAllah i was not disappointed. A huge jazakalAllahairun to dawah posters for making our poster in a short space of time. We pray the work you do rests heavy on your scale of good deeds and long may you continue with it.A.N.Trust - Salim Malik
We at LMCC are very impressed with Dawah Posters. By our own admission we have presented Dawah Posters with numerous challenges & difficult time-scales which had to be met, yet time & again Dawah Posters managed to deliver. Will definitely return for future business.Leytonstone Muslim Community Centre - Umar Raza
Jazakallah khair for your amazing effort.. The poster exceeded our expectations and we really appreciate you meeting our tight deadline… Alhamdulallah the poster has set the standard for a high quality event.Qabeelat Fawz - Sister Adila
We were incredibly pleased with the end result! And our suggestions were taken fully taken on board to develop the design, producing an outcome better than imagined. Alhamdulilah we’d love to work with them in the future inshaAllah.As-Siraat - Assia Kayoueche - Head of marketing
Dawah posters have been effective, efficient and creative in making my poster. The service was fast and reliable, and I would recommend them to anyone!Darussalam Youth Project - Abdullah Abdullah
Dawah posters produce excellent high quality posters, that captures the required audience attention, and it is related to the theme of the project.i was extremely satisfied with the end result, it met all my requirements. I would recommend DP to everyone. May Allah make them succeed in this world and the hereafter. AmeenHidden Pearls - Umm Ikhlass
You can never go wrong with Da’wah Posters, insha’Allaah. The designs are really good and professional and it’s perfect for any type of business/organisation looking to promote/advertise. May Allaah preserve the business of Da’wah Posters, aameen.Islamic Society of La Trobe University - Melbourne, Australia - Umm 'Atiyyah
Dawah Posters were very fast and created an advert for Ummah Gifts that has real impact, inshallah. The design, colours & layout were original & interesting. Customer service was very good & all my request for changes were really listened to & Dawah Posters made it work.Ummah Gifts - Nadia Hussain
Masha’Allah to DawahPosters – fast, efficient and above all top quality posters at reasonable prices, Alhamdulillah. If you want top quality posters then I would recommend you utilise DawahPosters services!Al-Jalal Masjid, Luton - Saiful Islam
Mashallah to DP with their professional, effective, quick service and reasonable price. Would recommend to others.Assunnah Youth - AIC Youth Club
We, at the Lewisham Islamic Centre, fundraising teams we were extremely satisfied our poster in every way. The design was magnificent, the professionalism, truly one of a kind. The whole experience was fabulous. Jezakallahu Khair for your such wonderful design. Jezakallahu Khayran for going beyond the call of dutyLewisham Islamic Centre - Al Ihsan Fundraising
Excellent design, quick turnaround, competitive price, and a customer focused service.Call To Islam Education Centre - Farasat Latif
Dawah Posters were very fast and created an advert for Ummah Gifts that has real impact, inshallah. The design, colours & layout were original & interesting. Customer service was very good & all my request for changes were really listened to & Dawah Posters made it work.Ummah Gifts - Nadia Hussain
I am very greateful to Dawah Posters for designing a beautiful leaflet. With the work they have done for me i have been able to market my business and increase my customer base. I would recommend Dawah Posters to anyone.Shahzad Mahiudin
Excellent Service, excellent designs and we were exceptionally pleased with the end product! We recommend anyone who wishes to advertise their (correct) calls to the Deen of Islam to use the services provided by this highly professional website.Abu Ameenah, Abdul Rahman - CalltoIslam
“Dawah Posters is an asset to the our organisation and have so far produced outstanding posters for us”Asim Khan - UK ISOC shurah
“I’m always impressed by quality and detail with the Dawah Posters webflyer’s. Our logo halaqa has grown due to the eye catchy marketing. I always recommend this buisness to other muslim organizations.”KASHIF MALIK - Islamic Institute of Toronto - IIT
Ummah Voice commissioned Dawah Posters to deign a flyer for the Muslim Marriage Seminar. Masha Allah we were all very impressed with the quality and the look of the final product. I was personally pleased with the professional service offered by DP. We had a tight deadline DP was able to complete the design much quicker than the usual turn around time as well as dealing with reviews in a very short time.Any issues were quickly and promptly addressed. Ummah Voice will be using DP for future publicity insha Allah. We would recommend DP for the following reasons: Fast and professional service, Quick turn around, Reasonable prices and Quality design that is attractive and appealingUmmah Voice - Abu Talha
Dawah Posters came through High recommendation…Great Design work, Great Task Management and Very Efficient.We hope to build an ongoing relationship with Dawah Posters to aid our ongoing work…we are here to stay inshaAllaah!!!Revert2Reality - Talat Sultan

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